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U-Stripe It & Design ToolU-Stripe It & Design Tool
"I would recommend this product to anybody that loves DIY projects! This tool did the job just like it says. Super easy to use and my walls are absolutely gorgeous! I couldn't have done it without this tool! Customer service is one of the best I've had, and I know customers service since I'm a nurse! Thanks Phillip for this amazing product and I hope your company goes far with all your ideas!!!!" -Jessica, Orlando, Florida


Video Testimonials from Diana Massy/Prudential Realty and Ginger Huff/Interior Designer

“It’s a quintessential, easy-to-use DIY tool that produces creative and professional looking designs.” Joshua Zaffos, Better Home & Gardens, Do It Yourself, Special Interest Publications

"I will certainly be recommending your tool and company to my friends. I painted bright orange horizontal stripes in my tiny office and the look is so invigorating. My teenage charges who can be hard to impress love it too! Yeah! I will enjoy doing another such project in the future!" Sincerely,Judy M., Dorm Parent

"As an Interior Designer and DIYer, I love the look of stripes and how much interest and depth they bring to a space.  The part I don't love is the difficulty in creating the stripes and making them straight... until now!  I had the opportunity to review the U-Stripe It & Design paint tool and it made the task of creating stripes on the wall so much easier.  The tool is easy to use and within minutes, my wall of stripes was almost complete and ready to paint.  I give the U-Stripe It & Design paint tool an A+."  - Jenna Burger, Interior Designer and Home Blogger of SAS Interiors

"I had crisp, even and perfectly straight lines, and it didn’t take me forever to do them!  I was totally smitten with the U-Stripe It tool and will definitely be using it again. Thanks Phill!" Jennifer: http://alwaysinwonder.com, alwaysinwonder@aol.com

"I wanted to save some money and try to take on a painting project myself. I loved the striped look and decided on that for the room. It was a disaster! I couldn't line the tape up and level everything. Then I came across the U-Stripe It & Design tool! It saved the day! Thanks guys! Everyone needs one of these!" Don PetersonSt. Louis, Missouri

"I would definitely recommend the U-Stripe It & Design Tool."  Great results. Shana C., IL. 

"I was fortunate enough to be at the National Hardware Trade Show this past week, May 4 - 6, 2010, and saw the U-Stripe It & Design Tool demonstrated across the aisle from me. I was amazed at how quickly and simply the demonstrations went and spent 3 days imagining all sorts of applications and opportunities this product provides. Best of luck with the product line! This is a   winner!" Kalamazoo, Michigan 

"Love your video and product.  Glad you found my twitter account.  I am also a professional faux finisher and have painted these stripes...how great this is... wish I would have had this years ago!  All the Best.  Check out Decor 2 Ur Door when the walls are beautiful for awesome bedding and decor.” Decor 2 Ur Door

"Hi, Phill!  I have started using the U-Stripe It & Design Tool.  It's awesome!!  I can't believe how easy it makes painting stripes.  I really am very glad that I found your website.  I actually stumbled onto it when I searched Google for suggestions for painting stripes.  I read on another site that someone else had used it and loved it, so I Googled U-Stripe It and found your website.  I am so glad I did...I had all of the stripes ready to paint in no time.  THANK YOU!  Also...thanks for the quick service too.  I couldn't believe how quickly it came in the mail! Thanks Pill!!  I'm already telling friends and family about it!” AMY

"I am a designer in St. Louis.  I ordered the U-Stripe It & Design Tool and my painters are in heaven.  The tool is Amazing, Genius and Brilliant.  My painters are amazed.  Not only did they save less than half the time preparing to paint the stripes, with the U-Stripe It tool, they were amazed with all the different options of designs they can create.  I ordered it online using Pay Pal and it was quick and easy.  I am in the process of ordering a dozen more to give as gifts to my designer friends and painters." Nina Seitz, St. Louis, Mo.

"I LOVED the U-Stripe It & Design Tool! I painted our daughter’s play room red, white and blue (at her request, and I have to admit that we do call it the flag room!). I also painted a few stripes on our bathroom walls – pictures attached. We get so many compliments, and we’re all so pleased with the results – AMAZING!

I thought the tool was straightforward and easy to use. Although it took a bit of time to paint the rooms, I am sure it would’ve taken at least twice (or three) times as long if I didn’t use this tool. Thank you so much for a great product! I have some ideas for other rooms in our house, and I will send you pictures if I get those complete."  Pam

"I have been painting stripes for years and creating my own tools and shortcuts similar to the U-Stripe It & Design Tool.  Chalk lines and levels and everything people say you should use are cumbersome and time consuming, it hardly makes the project worth it.  Ditch them and get the U-Stripe It & Design Tool.  This is NO gimmick.  It's efficient, easy and fun.  This is the tool I have been waiting for...kudos to Phil and his team for making it happen!” Dana King, Interior Designer St. Louis, Mo.

"Hi Phil!  I just wanted to let you know that I've painted my room (two, actually) with the U-Stripe It Tool and it worked out SO great - the rooms look incredible!  Thank you SO much for a great product and wonderful service!" Pam Novelty, Ohio

"What a fantastic tool!  After I did a couple stripes and got used to it, I found it to be simple, fast and easy to use.  I striped a room that would have taken more than a day, in about 4 hours!  I painted the base coat in a matte blue and striped it with the same color blue in a semi-gloss for an elegant look. The customer loved it! I am so glad I found the U-Stripe It and Design Tool.  As a professional painter, I look forward to making a lot of money with it!!!!" Don E., St. Louis

"I'm so happy with the results.  I was a little sloppy at first but once I got the hang of it, AMAZING! Thanks." Crystal @ 3princesandprinces2.com; http://www.3princesandaprincess2.com/2011/01/u-stripe-it-review.html

"As a do-it-yourself diva with a father that painted professionally for years, I know that time is money and that any device that can make a complicated painting job easier is worth its weight in gold. The U-Stripe It & Design tool does all that and more! I'm not a skilled home renovator or painter, but using the U-Stripe It & Design took mere minutes to get the hang of, and within no time I had the exact look I wanted without any hassle, measuring or mess. Believe me, if I can create a gorgeously professional painting job with the U-Stripe It, anyone can!" Kathryn Lavalleehttp://www.mommykatandkids.comhttp://twitter.com/mommykatandkidshttp://www.facebook.com/pages/Mommy-Kat-and-Kids/299085176109

"We wanted to perk up our entrance and hallway. I installed chair rail and wall frames, but we wanted to do something with the area above the chair rail. We were researching how to paint wall stripes when I learned about your product. It was easy to use and made the process of prepping wall stripes quick and easy." Shel, Holliston, Massachusetts

"It really was very easy to use the U-Stripe It & Design Tool.  It only took me about 10 - 15 minutes to tape up my hallway.  I marked the rows I didn't want to paint with extra blue tape to remind me not to paint that stripe. Pulled off the painters tape and FINISHED ! I couldn't believe how quick and easy this really was to do." Jamie Payne; Copper Llama Studio Reviewshttp://copperllamastudio.blogspot.com/

"My stepdaughter and I used your tool to paint stripes in her room.  She's thirteen, an age where having classy, "adult" things is very important. Needless to say, she LOVES her new room! :)" Kathryn, Canada

"I love this product because it reduces the time it takes to have a great design, and it saves a TON of money! Doing it yourself is almost always going to be cheaper, especially if you have the right tools to do the job.  And since this tool is easy to use, anyone can do it!  And you can do every room in the house, with really cool designs." Lisa Moore Gee; http://frugalfamilyfunspot.blogspot.com

"The U-Stripe It & Design tool works really great. Much better than all the measurements that you see on HGTV when they’re trying to do stripes. This is much easier. If we would have done basic two tone stripes where one of the colors was crème; I would have been done in less than 3 hours for sure (with 4 toddlers/babies in the house)." Amy Kronsstedt @ grinningcheektocheeck.com

"We used the U Stripe It tool to paint stripes in our 20x25 classroom at St. Louis Fitness Club.  The tool was so easy to use, that it only took 1 person to tape all the stripes and floor boards and we repainted and striped the entire room in 1 day!  We are so happy with the outcome, that we can’t wait to stripe other areas in our facility!  All I did was watch the you-tube video/how-to and I was on my way to perfectly straight stripes! Thank you Phil Menendez, STLFC member and creator of the striping tool, we couldn’t have done it without you!" Randi O. Ganousis, GM - St. Louis Fitness Club

"The tool was easy to use and produced perfect results.  We painted stripes in two different bedrooms!" Thomas & Kathy J.

"The U-Stripe It & Design Tool was amazing!!  When my daughter said that she wanted diagonal stripes in a diamond pattern on her wall, I just cringed!!  I have done vertical stripes before on a wall and that took forever, so needless to say I was not looking forward to this task thinking just the measuring and taping would take me days!!  However, after we received the tool (which came amazingly fast by the way), she decided that she couldn't wait for me to have time to help and so her dad helped her with the first diagonal line, just to figure out what angle she wanted and then she did all the other lines herself!!!  I didn't even have to help.  It was incredibly fast.  Thanks for the awesome product, I am now figuring out which room I want to do next!!" Shannon M.

"My husband used the U-Stripe It & Design Tool to make a most stunning wall in my bedroom.  We also did the bedroom of a friend in 2 tone plum.  Just wide stripes, but really is pretty.  One thing I did to get a visual concept starting was put the colors in an Excel spreadsheet.  I used the same scale as I was trying to achieve on the wall and it was a great help in making my decision about the width of the stripes.  Anyone who knows Excel can do that.  We enjoy the tool and maybe we will have time to get more creative again this winter!  Take care and blessing on your family business."  Karen, Branson West, MO

"I did stripes. I did it in hours. The stripe helped me separate two rooms. I am a very young 52yr old woman, (makeup artist) and have always done my own painting. This was the easiest project ever!  The striping is a great way to separate rooms. I used my arm to hold the tool in place. I flattened the tape and went over the tape with a thin layer of existing paint color. I also used 25% more color in semi-gloss. I was stuck for 3 years. We bought a cape, opened the entire first floor and added a second floor for bedrooms and a bath. The first floor looked like a bowling alley. We are out of big money and now on a budget. The U-Stripe It & Design Tool saved me. It looks great! Thank you."  Janet, New York.

"The U-Stripe It & Design Tool is a very clever gizmo that quickly and painlessly measures out the stripes so all you have to do is run the painters tape down and then paint the room. You won't find an easier product to use."  Christy M., St. Louis At-Home Magazine

"The U-Stripe It & Design Tool is fool proof & it's so easy to use, anybody can do it."  Jeff Devlin, I Hate My Bath, DIY Show

"It worked awesome! It's way easier than the conventional way. I will definitely use it again."  Brenda Rood, Valley City, North Carolina

"I wanted to personally thank you for creating such an amazing product. Instead of taking hours to measure and tape, it took me just under an hour even with the "assistance" of a toddler. Thank you again. :)"  Amber Haya, Topeka, Kansas.

""The U-Stripe It & Design Tool worked out great. I recommended it to all of my friends and family. The baby room is coming out awesome."   Ervens altino, Douglasville, GA

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