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Let Us Help You with Your Projects. 

Painting Tip: When painting a tone on tone stripe; using the same color; you should use a matte and semi-gloss paint.  The semi-gloss paint should have 50% more of the color than the matte paint to really stand out.

Painting Tip: When starting with a new paint roller, you should wash it before using it, so you don't get fuzz on your wall.  If you don't want to wash it, you can wrap it with tape, then pull the tape off, taking the fuzz with it.

Painting Tip: You should use a terry cloth rag when your caulking instead of a regular wash cloth so your caulk line is smooth when you wipe it down.  Other rags besides terry cloth are not smooth.
Painting Tip
Are you thinking "What is the difference between cheap paint VS expensive paint?"  Well, the difference would be expensive paint has a high quality of pigment and resin for a deeper color, durable finish and last longer.  Remember you get what you pay for.

Painting Tip: Unlike the negative paint commercial, showing how hard it is to get rid of your old painted stripes; it actually is real easy.  When changing your painting design, lightly sand your walls, place a tint in your primer of the color your wall is going to be painted, and continue.  Not hard at all.

Fact: The U-Stripe It & Design Tool was named one of the "Cool Tools" for 2010 by the DIY Network.

Painting Tip: Just go with the flow.  When you start and stop color in rooms choose tones of the same color for smooth transitions from one area to the next.

Painting Tip: Colors have an emotional effect on us, so thinking about the nature of your inspiration is important.  Cool, water shades, such as blues, greens and purples will calm rooms and the people in them.  These are perfect colors for bedroom, baths and quiet living areas.  

Watch how easy it is!

Watch how it gets even easier HandsFree!     


You can use the U-Stripe It & Design Tool to paint circles on your walls.  This video is a hockey theme of the St. Louis Blues.  Go Blues!  

How easy it is to stripe only one wall using the U-Stripe It & Design Tool


How to paint the chevron design

"Quick Tips" when painting stripes on your wall

Helpful Tip when choosing what kind of tape to use when striping your walls


Star Wars Bedroom Theme- Only painted one stripe then added a wall decal!

Creating World Cup Soccerfield using the U-Stripe It & Design Tool (Works for any field's for that ManCave)

Stage 1-Prepping the wall

Creating World Cup Soccerfield Using the U-Stripe It & Design Tool

Stage 2-Base Painting and Striping the wall

Creating World Cup Soccerfield Using the U-Stripe It & Design Tool

Stage 3-Part 1-Creating the field only using the U-Stripe It & Design Tool and 3M Delicate Painters Tape

Creating World Cup Soccerfield Using the U-Stripe It & Design Tool

Stage 3-Part 2-Finishing the World Cup Soccerfield  "Gooooooooaaaaaaal!"

Oh, how beautiful and easy it is to design your old furniture to look new again.  Did I mention how much money you save?

Put some Magic in an Area Rug and paint your own designs; stripes, chevrons, plaids and much more.

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