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U-Stripe It & Design ToolU-Stripe It & Design Tool

*When taping your design, if you want to avoid the paint from bleeding,
not just any "blue tape" will work, it must be "Delicate" tape. 

Instructional Video

Before using the tool, locate two levels inside the box.  Place both of the levels in the two boxes marked "Level" on the tool, using the double sided tape.  These boxes marked "Level" are accurately well-balanced if you place them on the line.


Determine the desired width of the stripes you want to create, and then lock the tool in place. (When locking the tool, place it on a hard surface then fasten tightly the wing nuts.)


Place the tool in the top corner of the wall; be sure to check the level to assure accuracy. Using 1” delicate painters tape, place the tape on the outside of the tool, extending it from top to bottom, creating you first stripe to be painted.


Position the tool over the tape, which was just placed on the wall during step two, using the inside of the tool as your guide; place the next strip of tape on the outside of the tool extending it from top to bottom. Remember this is you non-painted stripe, it will appear smaller.


After Step Three, place the tool on the outside of the tape, which was just placed on the wall during Step Three, using the full width of the tool repeat Step Two, then repeat Step Three, until the room is completed. (Again Step Three is the Non-Paint Stripe and is going to appear to be smaller.)

 Don't miss the video where it shows you how to use the tool "Hands Free."


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