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U-Stripe It & Design ToolU-Stripe It & Design Tool

Growing up in the family painting business, at a very young age, I always felt going to work with my parents was a chore, something I had to do.  After high school I went into another profession, the profession I always dreamed of being involved in, law enforcement.  Approximately 20 years into the job, I was injured, causing me to leave my profession.  I was electrocuted in 2006, while disassembling a marijuana grow.  I had injuries that were unexplained.  My nervous system had been destroyed. 

It’s funny how things turn out.  My dad invented a painting tool called the U-Stripe It & Design Tool.  This tool helped him on many jobs when he had to paint stripes on walls, especially in two story foyers.  This tool saved him hours if not days when he used it, making his job so much easier.

After my injury, believing in this tool, I helped my dad patent it and brought it to the market for the everyday person.  While trying to sell the tool, I had to paint some rooms myself to get photos and videos.  Prior to using the tool for stripes or other designs, I had to paint the base color.  It was at that time when I realized painting wasn’t a chore anymore that it would become my medicine.  Painting became therapeutic for me.  I always heard of this, but never believed it. 

I had unknown pains in my body from the electrocution.  The only way to help me was through various medications and that was not the answer only a band aide for a small amount of time.  I would paint these rooms and found myself concentrating on the ceiling line, trying not to get the wall paint on the ceiling, concentrating on my breathing and my hand motion with the paint brush.  I then would concentrate around the woodwork, windows, etc.  Even putting the tape on the woodwork prior to painting helped because I had to make sure the tape was properly secured so the paint didn’t bleed.  While concentrating on my work, I had forgotten about the pain in my body.  I felt very relaxed, free of pain, free of anxiety and free of tension.

Adding the U-Stripe It & Design Tool into the equation just helps with creating designs in your room.  This adds more fun to your painting projects.  There is not a better feeling in stepping back and admiring the project you had just finished. 

You don’t have to paint art designs on a picture canvass to get this therapeutic feeling; I found it works with just painting the walls in your rooms.  Let those walls be your canvass and try my therapeutic logic.  From your friends at www.ustripeit.com.    

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