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Have you ever finished your painting project only to find the paint bled through your tape, either on your floorboards, door frames, window sills, or the design you just painted on your wall?  Well here are a couple tips that might prevent that from happening to you.

First you have to make sure you are using the best and right tape for the job.  If you are going to use the tape for your baseboards, window sills, door frames, light/electrical switches, etc the best tape is the “All Purpose Tape.”  If you are going to paint designs; stripes, chevrons, plaids, etc on your walls you need to use “Delicate Tape.”  This is a very important step.  If you don’t spend the money on the proper tape, you will pay for it at the end. 

Secondly, you need to make sure the area you are taping is clean, dry and dust-free.  This helps the tape to stick properly.  You might think your baseboards are clean, however you still need to dust them before taping.

OK, now it’s time to place the tape on the surface.  You want to pull the tape off of the roll a few feet at a time.  Here’s another important tip, lay the tape onto the surface, pressing down as you go.  Do Not stretch the tape tight, because the tape will end up going back to its original size, leaving areas you just taped uncovered.  It’s easy to do, because it is easier to put the tape on the surface when you pull it tight.  Just lay in onto the surface and press it down.

After you are finished taping your room, take a cloth and run over the tape once more.  You want to make sure it is tightly sealed.  Now you can begin painting.

Now it is time to remove the tape.  When is the best time to do this?  I would say immediately after you finish your project.  You pull the tape at a 45-degree angle, and at a moderate speed. Pull the tape back on itself, towards the wet paint.  If it splatters it will splatter on the same color instead of the other paint color or other surfaces. 

If the paint is pulling off with the tape, try scoring the edge of the tape with a razor blade before pulling it further.  If this happens, it doesn’t mean your tape was the problem.  Anything above a flat or a matte sheen will start to harden and form a film. 

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