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Our Products

U-Stripe It & Design ToolU-Stripe It & Design Tool
Want to convert an ordinary room into something quite extraordinary?

A quick and simple way to reinvent your environment is to add stripes! If you want your walls to appear higher, think vertical stripes and to make the room appear more spacious, think horizontal stripes. Stripes are a clever decorating technique that bring a sense of style to any room! 

The one stop shop for all of your tools.  That's right, only two tools.  "WoW!" They are the U-Stripe It & Design Tool and and 3M Delicate EdgeLock Tape.  @ ustripeit.com

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U-Stripe It & Design Tool-Review and Giveaway

After buying a very run-down hundred-year-old house, my husband and I are quickly learning that our plans for the future aren’t about what to renovate, but are about what to renovate first. Half of the house is an unfinished addition and the other half was last updated in the late seventies, so there are very few areas that don’t need to go through major changes to turn our house into the palace that we dream of.  To read more go to:

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