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U-Stripe It & Design ToolU-Stripe It & Design Tool
I know the BEHR paint commercial portrays stripes to be the worst thing you could paint on your walls because it suppose to be "so hard" to get rid of them. That is False. BEHR paint is a very good paint, all you need to do is lightly sand and prime your walls, using a primer with the same tint of your next paint, then paint. It still is way easier then hanging and stripping wallpaper. You then paint your next inspiring design.
BEHR Paint knows painting stripes and other designs on your walls are good. On their site they show you that it is a growing trend. It is very inspiring using their beautiful colors for different designs on your walls that you create. Remember have fun with it, @ we are here to make it Easy for you. ustripeit.com
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U-Stripe It & Design Tool-Review and Giveaway

After buying a very run-down hundred-year-old house, my husband and I are quickly learning that our plans for the future aren’t about what to renovate, but are about what to renovate first. Half of the house is an unfinished addition and the other half was last updated in the late seventies, so there are very few areas that don’t need to go through major changes to turn our house into the palace that we dream of.  To read more go to:

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