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  1. I always go to Porter Paint’s, so I’m not sure what other paint store does this, but look for the mix-matched paint where customer’s bring back.  You can see if there are several gallons of a color that have the same or close to the same tint.  Purchase these cans and mix them into one bigger can.  You can save hundreds of dollars if the colors are right.  I hope this helps you save money, from your friends at the U-Stripe It & Design Team.  (www.ustripeit.com)
  2. Have you found yourself standing in your favorite room of your house and wished you had stripes painted on your walls?  Your next thought would be, “I can never do something like that or I will never paint stripes on my walls because I don’t have the time or the patience.”  Well those feelings are about to change.  If you use the U-Stripe It & Design Tool you can paint stripes on your walls, with ease.  This tool is for the non-painter, for every homeowner. 

    In just three easy steps and a few hours you can have the paint design you wanted and best of all you did it. Every stripe will be right on.  No pencil marks, leave you level and tape measure in your toolbox, no need for them.  You just take the U-Stripe It & Design Tool and lock you desired width.  Second step, place the tool on the wall where you want to start your first stripe.  Use the tool to help guide the one inch, delicate tape down the wall.  Third step, use the inside of the tool, the left arm when holding it, and place it on top of the tape you just placed on the wall.  You then will guide the tape down the wall, using the tool.  This is going to be the non-painted stripe.  During this step, we’re counting our one inch tape into the measurement you wanted. This stripe will appear smaller, but it will be right on, remember it is the non-painted stripe.  You then repeat steps two and three until your room is finished.  It is that easy!  Anyone can now paint stripes in their rooms.  (For detailed instructions go to http://www.ustripeit.com/instructions.)

    The best thing about this tool is that it not only helps you paint stripes, but it will help you paint circles, rectangles, squares, chevron designs and much, much more.  The U-Stripe It & Design Tool is amazing.  You can see photos, watch videos and read testimonials about this tool at ustripeit.com.   
  3. Are you ever watching your favorite TV show or your favorite product on a commercial and notice there are amazing stripes or another pattern painted on the walls in the background?  You then notice you are paying attention to the room where the show is taking place instead of the show of product itself.  You too can have that same design, with your pick of the paints, using the U-Stripe It & Design Tool.

    You can paint stripes on your walls in just three easy steps, using only the tool and delicate painters tape, even the beginner should have accurate stripes every time.

    This tool is not only for painting stripes, you can also paint circles, rectangles, squares, chevron designs and much, much more.

    The U-Stripe It & Design Tool is here to make your designing easier, saving you time and money.  Forget about the old way of striping; especially quit putting pencil marks on your walls!  Anyone can pick up this new designing tool and begin painting stripes and other designs like a professional painter of interior decorated.  

    Thinking about putting that one horizontal stripe or maybe two of them on your wall in your room, designing it with your favorite team color?  Go ahead, for only $24.95 and the cost of the delicate tape and paint, now you can, and it will only take you that afternoon to complete it.  How great is that? 

    For more information you can visit www.ustripeit.com.  If you order a U-Stripe It & Design Tool now, you also get one free roll of 3M Delicate Tape and two, two-way adhesive strips, so you can design with the tool “hands free” (WSL).


  4. The interior designers are saying the trend for 2012 is painting stripes and other geometric shapes on your walls.  The 70’s theme is returning.  The 70’s theme might be returning, but you don’t have to paint those designs on your walls like you did back then.  This year, 2012, there is a new painting invention that was made for all of us everyday people.  It is called the U-Stripe It & Design Tool.  This tool allows us to paint stripes, even other geometric shapes on our walls saving us days, several hours, frustrations and best of all money.  We can now paint these designs ourselves, making us look like professional interiors designers and professional painters.

    Using the U-Stripe It & Design Tool and the right color scheme in your newly re-decorated room, your friend's and family’s jaws will drop having them saying “You did this yourself?”  There are no other design tools on the market that will easily help give you that warm, comfortable, fun feeling you always wanted to experience in your rooms except for the U-Stripe It & Design Tool.  With only our tool and Delicate painter's tape you can accomplish your design.  Please visit our site @ www.ustripeit.com where you can view several photos, read several painting tips and watch How To videos and other videos about the U-Stripe It & Design Tool.   

  5. Do you want to decorate your room with your favorite team colors?  Now you can and have fun while doing it!  This new painting tool, called the U-Stripe It & Design Tool, can help you.  This new amazing painting tool will allow you to create that one horizontal stripe, many vertical stripes, squares, circles, rectangles and many, many other designs on your walls.  There is nothing hard about your project anymore.  You only have to think of a design and let the U-Stripe It & Design Tool help you. 

    This tool will eliminate you from putting pencil marks on the walls, putting stencils on the walls, keep you from having inaccurate lines and all the other disasters that come with painting your designs when you do it the old way.  Doing it the U-Stripe It & Design Way, all you need is to have a creative imagination, tape your design on the wall(s) then start painting.  It is so easy: you can spend more time and more money on the theme accessories for your room.

    After painting the colors of your favorite NFL team, college team, your kid's school colors, NASCAR team, NBA team, baseball teams, hockey teams and whatever else you desire on the walls, you can then place the team logos, FatHead s and all other accessories in the room, finishing your projects.  

    If you have a base color that is neutral, there is not need to paint the whole room, just add your design then paint it.  Your project could take you less than an hour and under $75.00.  It is that easy.  I have put photos of a hockey theme and a "How To" video I painted for my boys in my basement where I used the U-Stripe It & Design Tool.  After painting a circle within the circle, I used St. Louis Blues FatHead stickers to finish it.  You can view this at www.ustripeit.com.    

  6. The interior decorator’s, design magazines and paint companies say the trend for 2012 is going to be painting stripes, polka dots and other geometric shapes on your walls.  When you walk into the Sherwin Williams, Lowes and Home Depot’s and go to the paint section they all show brochures on many different designs painted on walls showing off all of their paint colors.  In some of them, I don’t even think they show a wall or room with only one color.

    I think that is awesome.  A great way for the customer to visualize those color’s on their walls.  I just have one question; why don’t they give the everyday person the capability to paint those designs themselves?  I have the answer; put the U-Stripe It & Design Tool on the shelf next to the faux space. 

    On November 29, 2011, the host of “I Hate My Bath,” Jeff Devlin, and the house owner used the U-Stripe It & Design Tool in their bathroom, painting 9” stripes.  They said this painting tool was “Fool Proof” and very easy to use.

    Until we can get this new, awesome painting tool into the stores closer to you, you can always purchase the U-Stripe It & Design Tool on my website, www.ustripeit.com.  Sure I want to make money by selling it so I can feed my family, but I really want you to buy this tool so you are able to create any kind of designs you wish on your walls, saving you time and money.  

    At first this tool might feel awkward, like any other tool that is new, but after you get used to it, you will design more than the room you originally started.  This tool is for you, if you want to be that professional interior and professional painter all rolled up in one.  No painting experience is necessary just the energy to decorate your room.  This tool is AWESOME.      

  7. Are you as a homeowner looking for ways to spice up your décor?  If you are, you can always add color into your home and take more risks with painting unique color combinations on your walls.  I’m told that blues and purples and even reds and oranges are going to be very popular in 2012. 

    You can mix bright colors with more subtle ones, if you didn’t want to paint stripes on your walls you can paint different designs for instance, color blocks, circles, rectangles or other geometric shapes.  

    A simple coat of paint can completely change the feeling and atmosphere of a room.  Some samples of combinations that can be together are; pink and gray, pink and brown, gray and blue or peach and yellow. 

    The way the economy is today, there are more people staying put right now and not planning to move.  If this is the case, then make your house comfortable for you.  You should be willing to use colors which personally make you feel good and don’t worry about the future buyer for now.   

    With one bold stripe or many neutral ones, this look can completely transform your room. However, you might think painting those stripes or other patterns is very hard to do.  But with the right tool, the U-Stripe It & Design Tool, anyone homeowner can accomplish their projects with ease. 

  8. Just in: The DIY Show “I Hate My Bath,” episode “Historic Style, Modern Luxury,” will be airing on Tuesday, November 29th at 9:30PM Central, 10:30PM Eastern.  During this episode the host, Jeff Devlin, will be painting 7” stripes in this bathroom using the U-Stripe It & Design Tool.  Tune in to the DIY Channel to watch the tool in action.  I’m told the producer, the crew and the host loved the tool and was amazed in how easy it was to paint the stripes.  You can learn more about this Awesome, New, Cool painting tool at www.ustripeit.com.  Visit us on FaceBook & Twitter @ustripeit.

  9. Growing up in the family painting business, at a very young age, I always felt going to work with my parents was a chore, something I had to do.  After high school I went into another profession, the profession I always dreamed of being involved in, law enforcement.  Approximately 20 years into the job, I was injured, causing me to leave my profession.  I was electrocuted in 2006, while disassembling a marijuana grow.  I had injuries that were unexplained.  My nervous system had been destroyed. 

    It’s funny how things turn out.  My dad invented a painting tool called the U-Stripe It & Design Tool.  This tool helped him on many jobs when he had to paint stripes on walls, especially in two story foyers.  This tool saved him hours if not days when he used it, making his job so much easier.

    After my injury, believing in this tool, I helped my dad patent it and brought it to the market for the everyday person.  While trying to sell the tool, I had to paint some rooms myself to get photos and videos.  Prior to using the tool for stripes or other designs, I had to paint the base color.  It was at that time when I realized painting wasn’t a chore anymore that it would become my medicine.  Painting became therapeutic for me.  I always heard of this, but never believed it. 

    I had unknown pains in my body from the electrocution.  The only way to help me was through various medications and that was not the answer only a band aide for a small amount of time.  I would paint these rooms and found myself concentrating on the ceiling line, trying not to get the wall paint on the ceiling, concentrating on my breathing and my hand motion with the paint brush.  I then would concentrate around the woodwork, windows, etc.  Even putting the tape on the woodwork prior to painting helped because I had to make sure the tape was properly secured so the paint didn’t bleed.  While concentrating on my work, I had forgotten about the pain in my body.  I felt very relaxed, free of pain, free of anxiety and free of tension.

    Adding the U-Stripe It & Design Tool into the equation just helps with creating designs in your room.  This adds more fun to your painting projects.  There is not a better feeling in stepping back and admiring the project you had just finished. 

    You don’t have to paint art designs on a picture canvass to get this therapeutic feeling; I found it works with just painting the walls in your rooms.  Let those walls be your canvass and try my therapeutic logic.  From your friends at www.ustripeit.com.    

  10. Creative chalkboards painted directly on your walls, doors, or cabinets offer a decorative way for family members and guests to express themselves. Make them in any shape you want using your own U-Stripe It & Design Tool and Delicate Painter's Tape.   

    Use two coats of primer and chalkboard paint to make sure that you can't see the base wall color. If you want to make your chalkboard magnetic, look for chalkboard paint and/or primer that contain metal dust—turning your wall into a fun magnetic surface. 

    Remember, try to avoid stretching the tape when you are creating your design.

    Just place the U-Stripe It & Design Tool on the wall and go to town.  Use the two way adhesive tape to help you stick the U-Stripe It & Design Tool on the wall hands free. @ www.ustripeit.com shows you in detail on how to use the tool under the Instruction Tab.

  11. Decorating your children’s room, making it unique and beautiful as they are, can be a lot of fun.  If they are old enough, sit them down and see what they like.  After brain storming their ideas, start the design plan.  There are no rules, just great ideas and bright happy colors.  Make this a space where they can express themselves and enjoy their own design. Remember, whatever they think, you can create.

  12. Have you ever finished your painting project only to find the paint bled through your tape, either on your floorboards, door frames, window sills, or the design you just painted on your wall?  Well here are a couple tips that might prevent that from happening to you.

    First you have to make sure you are using the best and right tape for the job.  If you are going to use the tape for your baseboards, window sills, door frames, light/electrical switches, etc the best tape is the “All Purpose Tape.”  If you are going to paint designs; stripes, chevrons, plaids, etc on your walls you need to use “Delicate Tape.”  This is a very important step.  If you don’t spend the money on the proper tape, you will pay for it at the end. 

    Secondly, you need to make sure the area you are taping is clean, dry and dust-free.  This helps the tape to stick properly.  You might think your baseboards are clean, however you still need to dust them before taping.

    OK, now it’s time to place the tape on the surface.  You want to pull the tape off of the roll a few feet at a time.  Here’s another important tip, lay the tape onto the surface, pressing down as you go.  Do Not stretch the tape tight, because the tape will end up going back to its original size, leaving areas you just taped uncovered.  It’s easy to do, because it is easier to put the tape on the surface when you pull it tight.  Just lay in onto the surface and press it down.

    After you are finished taping your room, take a cloth and run over the tape once more.  You want to make sure it is tightly sealed.  Now you can begin painting.

    Now it is time to remove the tape.  When is the best time to do this?  I would say immediately after you finish your project.  You pull the tape at a 45-degree angle, and at a moderate speed. Pull the tape back on itself, towards the wet paint.  If it splatters it will splatter on the same color instead of the other paint color or other surfaces. 

    If the paint is pulling off with the tape, try scoring the edge of the tape with a razor blade before pulling it further.  If this happens, it doesn’t mean your tape was the problem.  Anything above a flat or a matte sheen will start to harden and form a film. 

  13. This paint tool makes it possible to completely stripe any room in a half the time it would usually take. Anyone can achieve custom interior design results at a fraction of the cost.  It can create innovative stripes and designs in any remodeling project.  It’s easy to use, saves time and is very affordable.  The only thing you’ll need is the tool, paint and painter’s tape.  In repeating two easy steps you can stripe your room.

  14. Dear Readers,

    Hello everybody and thank you for visiting our blog.  I know you are extremely busy, so I will get straight to the point.

    I would like to introduce you to our new painting tool my dad invented, called the U-Stripe It & Design Tool.  My dad, John Menendez, has been a professional painter for over thirty years. 

    This new tool helps people paint stripes and/or other designs on their walls without using a calculator, pencil marks, plum line, construction level or laser lever, cutting their work time in half.  All you need is the tool, paint and Delicate Painter’s tape.

    I would love to have the opportunity for you to visit the rest of our website and get your opinion of this tool.  Our site has several videos, photos, testimonials, lists of retail stores where you can purchase the tool, articles about the tool and much, much more.

    The U-Stripe It & Design Tool is also very affordable, which makes it a plus in today’s economy.  The professional painters are going to make money from buying the tool by shortening their days when painting stripes or other designs on their customer’s walls. For the Do-It- Yourselfers, it will save them money when purchasing the tool and doing the project themselves, instead of hiring expensive professionals.  It is a win/win situation.

    Wallpaper is trying to make its way back into the market right now, but it is extremely costly.  People are thinking again about wallpaper because they want patterns on their walls.  Using the U-Stripe It & Design Tool, you can create the same patterns.  I have photos of patterns on my website.  The customer will save hundreds of dollars if not thousands on their projects by purchasing our tool. 

    In May of 2010, I was a vendor at the Las Vegas Hardware Show.  While at this show, the DIY television network chose the top 20 tools they deemed to be “Cool Tools.”  They chose my tool as a “Cool Tool”, out of the 2800 plus exhibitors.  The “Tool Expert”, Chris Grundy, talks about the tool on his show that was aired on the DIY Network and the HGTV channels.

    Again, thanks for your time.  I hope the U-Stripe It & Design Tool interest you enough to buy it so you could start designing your house. 


    Phillip Menendez, CEO

    JTEKE, LLC; the Distributor of the U-Stripe It & Design Tool


U-Stripe It & Design Tool-Review and Giveaway

After buying a very run-down hundred-year-old house, my husband and I are quickly learning that our plans for the future aren’t about what to renovate, but are about what to renovate first. Half of the house is an unfinished addition and the other half was last updated in the late seventies, so there are very few areas that don’t need to go through major changes to turn our house into the palace that we dream of.  To read more go to:

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