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Our Products

U-Stripe It & Design ToolU-Stripe It & Design Tool

Hello Friends!  My name is Phill Menendez the Distributor of the U-Stripe It & Design Tool.  This incredible, new, amazing painting tool was invented by my dad, John Menendez, who has been a professional painter for the last thirty years.  His goal was to design a simple tool to increase efficiency for his business.  Many customers who saw him use the tool, were excited by its simplicity.  They were convinced that they could use the tool themselves and encouraged him to market it.  What was once considered a daunting and time consuming task for an average person to tackle now is accomplished with our tool with great ease. 

The U-Stripe It & Design Tool will revolutionalize the design industry.  This tool will allow professional painters to create intricate designs that once took days to complete, in half a day or less.  Likewise, the homeowner will be able to achieve professional and custom interior design results at a fraction of the cost of wallpaper or hiring a commercial painter.  Our tool will help create innovative designs in the users home remodeling projects such as horizontal and vertical stripes of varying widths, plaids, checkered patterns, grids, graphics, custom art works… the designs will only be limited by the user’s imagination. 

The U-Stripe It & Design Tool is easy to use, saves time and is very affordable.  Using the U-Stripe It & Design Tool eliminates the need for multiple tools such as a calculator, color pencils, chalk lines, yard stick, carpenter level, or laser level and can be used by one person as opposed to traditional striping that may require two or more people to complete a project.  The only thing you will need is our tool and painters tape.   

The U-Stripe It & Design Tool allows commercial and residential property owners to achieve professional design results with minimal hassles and costs. 

This tool makes room striping a viable substitution for wallpaper and stencils at less than half the cost.  Please take the time to view our photo gallery.

Remember If you can think it, you can create it!

On June 6, 2011, we unexpectedly lost our dear friend, a husband, a father and a grandfather, John Menendez Sr., the Inventor of the U-Stripe It & Design Tool.  John Sr. has touched as many lives, as walls as he painted.  Please keep him and his family in your prayers. As I ship out the tool orders, I  know that I'm doing the work my dad had in mind for this tool, because all he wanted was to share the New Way of painting stripes to the world.  John Sr. wanted to give the everyday person the chance to be able to paint stripes and other designs on their walls, hassle free.  John Sr. you will be missed and we love you!

Mission Statement for JTEKE LLC

Leadership-Service- Integrity-Fair Treatment to All

By Phillip Menendez, CEO of JTEKE, LLC

As CEO of this company, I am committed to assuring that all of my employees and customers are always treated fairly, commended on their performance, and recognized for their support of the company.  As a company, we will continue to stress excellence and work to implement products that will make us better than we are today.

I will lead this company by example to get our employees and our customers to always associate JTeke, LLC; the Distributors of the U-Stripe It & Design Tool, the company with the absolute best service, as we look forward in expanding into other DIY products.

I will get this new painting tool out to the people in the world to increase the financial strength of families by helping them purchase and use a painting tool that is affordable, saves them time, and is easy to use.

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